Sea-Monkeys: mascotas instantáneas

Me regalaron huevos de “sea monkeys”, esas extrañas criaturas que crecían con sólo agregarles agua. Muchas gracias Adriana.

La propaganda dice:


Just ADD WATER – that’s ALL! In ONE SECOND your AMAZING Sea-Monkeys actually COME TO LIFE! Yes, they hatch instantly, right before your eyes: Now, simply grow and enjoy the most adorable pets ever to bring smiles, laughter and fun into your home.


Always clowning around, these frolicsome pets swim, stunt, and play games with each other. Because they are so full of tricks, you’ll never tire of watching them..

Anyone who enjoys the company of pets will ADORE Sea Monkeys. Best of all, we even show you how to teach them to obey your commands, like a pack of friendly trained seals. What a way to surprise your guests.

En la vida real son así y se llaman artemias:

Video hecho con cámara web convertida en microscopio siguiendo el tutorial de Hackteria

Bacterias que emplean arsénico en lugar de fósforo en los peldaños del DNA

life — Tags: , , — alejandro @ December 8, 2010

“Evolutionary geochemist Felisa Wolfe-Simon, the lead author, and her colleagues found a strain of bacterium (GFAJ-1 of the Halomonadaceae family) that can grow in a medium abundant in arsenic and lacking phosphorus. The GFAJ-1 bacterium naturally resides in the arsenic-rich waters (200 uM) of Mono Lake located in California’s Eastern Sierra, and it belongs to a family of proteobacteria that is known to accumulate arsenic. It’s not remarkable that GFAJ-1 survives in high concentrations of arsenic, but what is startling is that it potentially integrates arsenic into its DNA and proteins.” [1]

“The microbe seems to be able to replace phosphorus with arsenic in some of its basic cellular processes — suggesting the possibility of a biochemistry very different from the one we know, which could be used by organisms in past or present extreme environments on Earth, or even on other planets.” [2]

1] http://arstechnica.com/science/news/2010/12/bacteria-can-integrate-arsenic-into-its-dna-and-proteins.ars

2] http://www.nature.com/news/2010/101202/full/news.2010.645.html

Lo que es arriba es como lo que es abajo, lo que es abajo es como lo que es arriba

En este momento mi atención se ha comenzado a desplazar del objeto al gesto, esto es, de la máquina que lanza cohetes a la acción misma de lanzar cohetes.

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